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20 July 2016 @ 10:23 pm
it,s been 5 years, and live is different now. It's not that I stopped visiting LJ for 5 years, it just that I havent post anything for 5 years. In this five years many changes in my life, and also Jeje's live. I've graduated from college and now officially a doctor( good to say that), waiting for my internship this year, maybe in November. For the time being I work in a clinical trial as research assistant, and everyday is a new adventure for me. I learn to solve problem, meet new people, and discovering many new experience. I'm stil in Jogja, and hopefuly I can get my internship here also.
While Jeje now is in Jakarta. She's becoming the top paid person from my class meber, because she works in a pretigious Monetary controlling institution. But she is still as humble as ever, a very good rare quality that seems hard to find these days. We still talk through Line and WA, and we meet once or twice a year. This LJ is what keeps us connected. This fandom is what keeps our friendship going strong, because we still can have many conversation.

I really hope I can post more ften from now on, mostly about life maybe. But this is a nice step. Everyone needs their babystep.. :)
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                                                "I'm sitting here today because of the decisions I've made
                                        So These are my last words for all of you 'I've betrayed'
                                        The ones who loves it, when I fit their mold
                                        Who scream and cry now saying, ' he's out of control'
                                       Since I can remember you've told me what to do
                                       The way I talk, the way I act, the way I tie my shoe
                                       But even then I knew I had the right to decide
                                       Scared of punishment I hid it deep inside
                                       And if I'm exiled for my sins then... F*** it
                                       Cause I no longer want to be anyone's PUPPET"

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Konbawaaaa mina sann... wherever you are, let's just live a happy life ne... :D
hahaha, strange opening, like I'm one of those naive girl from dorama that will troubled later....

so today was so lame, and embarassing..
so here's the story....

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It's been a century since I posted in LJ, never mind, I got a little time today after Histology Practical session, and my mind was just full of SUMMARY so I decided to post here...

I've done watching SUMMARY, and it was so GREAT, I mean theor concerts are always graet, but this one is different, it got more sexiness, kakoiness, and full of my favourite song, ( I'm happy now JUMP's song are getting maturer, and not as happily bouncy like before:D)

This 2 hours show is a proof for me that being a JUMP's fans is worth to be,

this is why I love SUMMARY 2010Collapse )

this is why I love SUMMARY 2010Collapse )
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14 October 2010 @ 02:50 pm
waaaaaaaaaaaa I want KAT-TUN's new singleeee..... Ne ne ne

need something to be crazy about beside cadaver and text book,

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long time not posting made me loaded about things I wanna write, but again, I don't know where to start

Okay, I'm moving to a new city, it's Jogja. I'm moving to dorm now and college has strated for about a week. Internet connection here is moody, so I'm sure I won't be able to be as update as I was. New life gave me new challange to take, adaptation is something I call " exhausting fun", looking for new friends, try to get along with someone we don't know before is something fun, but for me it;s just exhausting. Honestly, I can't be myself for the first time I met someone new, I tend to be someone they will feel comfortable with, yeah, it's not good, it's fake, or whatever you call. But I always think that I can understand them with this method, and later, I know how to get along with them. for me that's what is call ADAPTATION.

One week here, I just figured out that lecture is amazingly boring and non-sense!!! Imagine in 50 minute you have to present 120 slides along with their explenation, IT'S JUST LIKE CHASING BUS you knowww!!!! The speed, the content, even the slide, they are all immpossible to catch,
I'll bow to someone out there who can summarize the material about basic medical terminology in 120 slides presented in 50 minutes, If you're real, show yourself, let me be your trainee :D

one more thing before I go to my lovely resting time,
a simple word that can be applied today for me is

enough for today, sorry for random and super-short post not related with anything in JE or somethng/ I just need to share what chocked me lately


18 June 2010 @ 09:51 am
Hey!Say!JUMP with you! :D
Name / Username 
HSJ members Inoo Kei
First meeting In cooking class(which you absolutely hate) where you cut your finger and he saw and panicked. You had to take HIM to the hospital for fainting
Why is he attracted to you Friendly and honest
Songs that describe your love relationshp with him Rescue by KAT-TUN
Relationship Sweet
This quiz by RikouMeiyo - Taken 55 Times. </a>
Make Money Taking Surveys!

Huaaaaa, I was shocked with the result, I really hope, it was Chinen on the result, Demoo :)
Inoo is my favourite after chinen
and, hey, got panicked because of me bleeding? (so sweettt...)

hahaha, I actually got Nakajima at first, but I miss-typed my name :p( I got sasuga boy) huahahaha
Posted by: Jeje

Recently, I was obsessed by some brand of YUI's guitars, they're Fender, Squier, and Yamaha..
(kyaaaa-ing XD )

List of YUI's guitar: ( This is just the types of guitars owned by YUI, not the total number of guitars that owned by YUI right now )
1. Martin 1977 D-28
2. Martin 2007 HD-28V.
3. Fender ESA-10CE
4. Fender GA-45SCE : Natural
5. Fender GA-45SCE : Sunburst
6. Fender GDC-200SCE: Natural
7. Yamaha FG Series (FG-402, F-310, dll)
8. S.Yairi [Japanese made guitar]

1. Squier/ Standard Fat Telecaster : Candy Apple Red/ Rosewood Neck
2. Fender/ American Series American Telecaster : Chrome Red/ Maple Neck
3. Fender/ Classic Series '50 s Stratocaster : 2-Color Sunburst/ Maple Neck
4. Fender/ Classic Series '50 s Stratocaster : Black/ Maple Neck
5. Fender/ American Series American Telecaster : 2-Color Sunburst/ Maple Neck
6. Fender/ New American Standard Telecaster: Candy Cola/ Maple Neck
7. Jaguar Special HH

Squier/ Bronco Bass Trino Red

CREDIT@teo&YUI board wiki

And I immediately fell in love with Fender GA-45SCE , I think YUI used that guitar when she was doing street performence in Hiroshima. CMIIW~ >3


The price of Fender GA-45SCE is about 699 USD.. *sigh...... (i want it! i want it! kyaaaa!)
But, there is no Fender in Indonesia , *nandeeeeee??
yea, although I can't buy it, but at least if i can see it, i feel like I close to YUI.. >3 *giggles XD

ma, ma.. I plan to buy a cheap one ( of course it's one of YUI's guitar~ XD )
Yamaha F310 .. khukhukhu.. wait me ~ ~  ~ !! >3 XD

enough for today ~ X3

ja ne~ ^^

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Posted by: Embie


I just came back from school tonight, I went to school because there were like a musical drama performance by my junior at school's joglo at 7 pm. I went there with one of my childhood friend, and Tom.


Ah, ya, Tom, he is an Australian student who have been staying with my family since last Saturday and will be staying with us untill next monday, he is a 21 years old university student who has been hired by education department of Jateng to be like a guest teacher for Iternational school in Jateng, including my school. And while he is in Pati, he is staying with my family, I was chosen to be the homestay because I followed the student exchange to Australia 2 years ago, and my teacher thinks that my english ability is good enough to communicate with him. He is very kind, a little bit fool(in a funny way), and he speaks Indonesian absolutely fluent! He even speaks Javanesse a little, so when he has to face my parent, he uses Javanesse sometime. It's fun to have him at home, he is friendly, funny, polite, and smart, anyway he loves asian girls, one of his ex-girl were asian( LOL) :D. And also, having him at home with my family, it makes me happy, because everyday I CAN EAT DELICIOUS FOOOOODD!!!!!!!! :D. My mom, I think she has like an over desire to pleasant our guest, she cleaned the whole house before Tom came, she bought all that western-style food, although in the end, Tom pefers Indonesian food :p, she was excited to have him stay with us, she said that it's like having a son for a week(what am I to you mom T.T?).

And yesterday was my mom's birthday,

I love you, muach,muach,muach,
I know I am such a coward that I couldn't say the second line directly to you,
and I am so sorry for making sooooo many troubles for you
I hope this year will be another good year for your health, luck, job, and life :)
You're the best in my life
forever, and ever.. :)


So, because yesteday was my mom's special day, we decided to celebrate it in karaoke place, I invited some close friends and we had a small fun party. At first, we were just like too shy to sing properly, but when it came to the fifth song I guess, It was "A whole new world" and suddenly some of my friend started to dance, and after that everyone was enjoying the karaoke time.. We even made a short fool skit for Keris Patih song( and Indonesian band), I was the cheated boyfriend, and Okta was my girl, Jeje was the one who steal Okta from me, It was Fun, FUn, Fun......

From left, Tom, me, Fino, Dipta, Okta, Anas, jeje hadn't arrived yet this time

We are a Javanesse family who has an Australian son, cross genes :p

And tonight, I invited Tom to see my junior's musical drama, and in the ends of it, one of the player came down from the stage, she grabbed some audience including Tom to dance with them on the stage, LOL, It was a good drama though.. And when I asked Tom about the dance he said," I think now It;s a little bit dangerous to be a bule(Indonesian slank for foreigner) here, because like me who can't dance, being grabbed like that was scary" (LOL)

look at Tom's face, LOL

OOOuuukkkkaaayyyy, I have heard YUI's second song for To Mother, It called "Tonight", and, in the moment I heard it, I fell in love with it,

IT IS GOOOOODDD, love YUI more and more

Here is the link for the preview from sonny music Japan
only 42 second but, it sure is the best part of the song, xoxoxoxoxoxo


If you love YUI, you'll love thiss

enough for tonight,
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29 April 2010 @ 10:00 am

Posted by: embie

I am baaacckk, :D

finally I can get in touch in LJ again after 2 or 3 months ago UN(national examination) were hanging around my neck, stressed me out, made my mom got angry with me almost everyday, I couldn't do stuff that I like, had some extra class, and always felt exhausted everyday plus now I officially have a black shadow under my eyes, and I gained for about 4 pounds, because every time I have hard time, I eat, eat a lot, LOL. So yes, bassically, the exam season messed me out!!!

Even after The exam over I still couldn't relax at all, bacause the next day after exam over, I had the college entrance exam in Jogja. I actually failed in the first period of application fot UGM, I was so depressed that time, I even planned to suicide by watching all my JE collection till I die nosebleeded Xp, no no no, Johnny's songs teach me about surviving even in your hardest time right? but I tried again for the second period and.... THATHA......!!!!!!

I PASSED!, Yes, I passed this time, thanks for everyone who kept cheers me up when I failed, I needed to struggle more for this second time, but now, it was all paid well, I passed the UGM entrance exam in Faculty of Medicine, (chooo ureshii) :D
Honestly, I am a bit afraid facing my college life, my mom always say if I can't handle stuffs right, I'll be the stupidest student in my class(please mom, that's not the motivation I need at this time) T.T But yeah, I am still happy and nervous at the same time

Well, others good news came up yesterday when I got the national exam announcement, and I passed with such a good mark, FYI, I got exactly the same mark as Jeje(what a faith) :),
Next Saturday we'll have our graduation ceremony following by a farewell party, I'll perform 2 songs there with my band(very looking forward to that)
well, for now it's time for me to relax, detox my body(hahahaha), and just relax

Enough about me, now when I get in to the fandom again, I found so many news come around, but the one that really got me is about Jin will be in The Pirates 4? Are you kidding me?????? I'll see Deep and Jin standing in the same scene???( NOSEBLEDDDDDDDD)
I read somewhere that he already pass the audition and got a quite important role in the movie

Maa, maa,maa, Jin don't dissapoint me this time, Deep is a really great artist, I think he is a character artist, he is not only play a role, but he always got the character in him everytime, so Ganbatte nee Jin. You already left KAT-TUN behind you not participating your own world tour for this, just do it well and return to KAT-TUN already

And I am very wondering when will chinen has a new drama, SP drama, or something, I reallymss his acting

That's all for today
let's pray for jeje, because she is struggle for her dream in accounting
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